About Us

Charitable Management Systems, Inc. (CMS) is a program management firm and a leader in the development of donor branded charitable initiatives. 

Founded in 2000, CMS has operated for over a decade with a single premise.

The Premise:  Charitable initiatives thrive when programs are structured to meet the goals of both recipients and the sponsoring companies.

The Challenge:  Company branded programs take time to develop, expertise to implement and ongoing administrative effort to successfully deliver.  CMS has a proven history of providing these services at competitive rates while serving as an extension of your staff.

The Advantage:  The CMS advantage is in our focused commitment to develop quality programs that achieve your goals.  It’s that simple.  We bring no other objectives and serve no other constituents.  We offer a true partnership focused solely on achieving success for your charitable investments in both education and the community while providing visibility to you for your good works.